dove shows how to make a hottie

We do a fair amount of work in the entertainment business - so we've seen our share of photoshop and stylist magic that makes stars beautiful. And we've always known what a cool thing it would be to show just how it all works...

Well, Dove has shown this process in detail in their new spot "Evolution". I think they've done a great job building a brand that women can believe in. And this spot carries it further. But I'm just a guy.

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*IPHQ* said...

This is pretty cool, but the problem is it's not original at all. I remember seeing a site very similar to this at least a year ago that did the exact same thing. It may have even been Dove itself. So are they just rehashing or adding on to what they have already done? Dove has confused me. But, as Darryl said, I'm just a guy.

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