custom car art as a sales incentive

This is an idea a friend of mine, Rob had about two years ago - but didn't have the time to realize it (or the creative directors who would listen). VW in the UK is offering customers the option of vinyl decals for their cars, created by up-and-coming artists and illustrators.

Hat's off Rob - you're two years ahead of the curve.

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Anonymous said...

It is a good idea, but I'd like to know how this differs from vinyl decaling on any platform.
I wonder how much they charge for this? I used to work for a sign shop - and my husband runs the design program and router there.
We make our own vinyl decals - on a smaller scale of course. YOu can go to any sign shop and they can do it for you. Any experienced vinyl applicator can pull this off....hey - maybe we should go into business for ourselves!

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