blending with the locals

For those of you who care to follow, VIA planning meetings have officially kicked off. Giuli booked us at an awesome hotel - the Normandie in San Juan - where apparently all of the beautiful people hang out (so we fit right in). David compared the scene to the Mondrian, in Los Angeles, only a little less upscale, and fewer blonde people.

Cosmopolitan Magazine was throwing a party in the hotel last night, so of course we invited ourselves. Lots of more beautiful people. And we met some girls in fur bikinis, from Finlandia. They were there to promote some new tequila brand for Finlandia. Recognizing what an awesome promotional idea that fur bikinis were, Giuli figured it would be best to document this with a photo. Justus and I begrudgingly agreed.

Later this morning, we kickoff a full day of meetings. Yes, meetings. No fur bikinis. Lots of plannning, strategizing and brainstorming.


kevin gardner said...

it's just not fair...but I'll always have Rhode Island WTF!!!

*IPHQ* said...

At this very moment in time, I hate Darryl and Justus more than anything else on the planet. It will pass, but right now...furious.

Anonymous said...

Justus is in trouble when he gets home tonight. He left out that part of the trip. Just talked about the new shoes. No mention of fur bikini

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