additional cool thoughts on nextfest

One of the other great things about Nextfest - that I didn't mention in my previous post - was the lack of commercialism. Sure, there were sponsorships, and a couple of product placements and exhibits. And let's hope this was a mondo profitable event for Wired. But the majority of things on display were brought there by their inventors. Not marketers. People from all over the world, showing their pride and joy.

The 'over-presenting' that exists at every other expo was noticeably absent. Macworld, this was not. Even some funny engrish, as pictured above. NextFest was all about inspiration. For the kids, for the bloggers, for the designers and future inventors.

When I stopped to talk to the people that were presenting these devices of the future, they were the inventors. Or people who were on the team. Not marketing geeks or salespeople.

As a result, NextFest turned out to be a true creative exploration. Visitors didn't feel like they were being sold products - but instead, were able to experience possibilities.

Very cool event - and it's a shame there aren't more like this.

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