37 signals improves their product. again.

I remember a day, a long time ago, when there was this suite of software products that people used for productivity. It was called Microsoft Office. Hehehe.

One of my favorite companies, 37 Signals, is about to launch some updates to one of the many glorious products that make my day so much easier. Backpack. You can see the video clip of the update here.

If you're not familiar with them, 37 Signals has created a suite of web-based tools for running your life. Or your business. We use many of them religiously. I use Backpack to organize the many lists that make me feel like I'm in control of things. We use Basecamp to collaborate and organize our projects at our agency. It's impacted our business in a grand way.

So, this morning, when I saw the video clip announcement of the new feature about to be released, I smiled. Because I don't think I've ever received such an announcement about a Microsoft product.

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