worst news set ever

While in Wisconsin early this week at a photo shoot, I got to see the worst tv news set design in the history of television. The local NBC affiliate broadcasts in front of a fake log cabin. There's nothing wrong with that really - in fact I saw some beautiful log architecture in Wisconsin.

But instead, they've built the cheesiest (!), poorly designed, fake log cabin backdrop - complete with a bad fake evergreen tree, and a fake huge window into darkness. Of course I couldn't find any internet clips of the news team - and the photos above are from my cell phone, on a bad hotel TV. (Anyone know more about this station?)

It's easy to say that it's a small market, and they don't have budgets for elaborate sets. Of course. But they have access to the internet. They can see what their other NBC affiliate stations are doing. I see beautiful work done everyday on zero budgets. Is there really any excuse for bad design today?

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