what a one eyed baby has to do with media trends

It might seem that this story about a child born in India with only one eye has nothing to do with our industry. But the manner in which it's being investigated does. Wired Magazine is conducting an open source investigation.

It seems that a lot of information about the birth of this baby has been kept in secrecy - and some suspect pharmaceutical drug testing. After running into some dead end leads, a reporter for Wired has opened the investigation to the blogging community, openly inviting anyone to contribute to the investigation:

Anyone interested in the case is encouraged to pursue the yet untested Right to Information Act, the Indian equivalent of the Freedom of Information Act, to locate the child's birth and death certificate and other documentation associated with the case. Bloggers may also be able to find other leads by contacting people in Chennai who know the mother's identity or have information about clinical trials in South Asia.

In the last week, bloggers have been communicating about the investigation through e-mail, on individual blogs and on this reporter's website. Beginning this week, Wired News will join the investigation, soliciting tips and posting updates on its Body Hack blog.

Wow. Bloggers coming together to investigate a story that everyone else has ignored. Another triumph in social media history. Watch as this trend spreads to mainstream media - (if they're paying attention.)

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