web 2.0 meets henkel

Yesterday, I gave a presentation to the in-house agency at Henkel. It's always great to meet other creative people, and even better when they invite you to drone on and on about web 2.0 and blogging - something I could pretty much talk to the fence about.

Anyway - as I was showing many tools and wonderful sites - I ran up against their corporate firewall. It's funny what sites are blocked, and what's not. They aren't allowed to see Technorati - the dominant blog search tool. Yet I was able to show some video sites that I know included less-than-work-safe clips. Funny how that works.

I'm always amazed how in many companies, even the creative people are blocked from sites. I can understand that maybe someone in bookeeping doesn't need access to YouTube. But your creative staff?? There's a friend of our agency who works at a P&G company - in marketing - and many media sites are blocked at their firm. How are marketers supposed to create messages for their audiences if they can't experience what their audiences do every day? Someone needs to shake up IT.

Anyway - thanks to the cool creative team at Henkel. I'm still singing your company song ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I freelance for a major catalog house's photo studio, and the content filter won't even let you get to the website for the American Society of Media Photographers. These people here *are* media photographers! What gives?

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