we need t-shirt designs

We're starting a new side project here, which will eventually be housed at BreakRules.com (not live yet - don't even check).

We're building a t-shirt shop made just for creative people. You know the type. Art directors, designers, web developers, brand managers, marketing geeks.

We're going to accept designs from the public (because we can only design soo many shirts ourselves, and 'user generated' content is all the rage).

So here goes - we'll pay a "wow, now I can retire" sum of $100 for any shirt that we use. And you'll of course get a free copy of the shirt that you designed, if we use it. We've even got a load of shirt ideas that we haven't had time to design - and we'll share our brief brainstorm list with you, if you want it (just send me an email).

Interested? Send your low res jpeg or pdf artwork to: tshirt@viaworldwide.com. If your design is selected, we’ll contact you for high res art and payment arrangements.

A sneak peek screen shot of a sample catalog page is above. We hope to launch in the next couple of weeks. We'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

like threadless.com?

darryl ohrt said...

No. Threadless is WAY cooler than we are. They're also one of the the top five shopping sites for teen males - which we have no intention of ever being.

What we're attempting to create will be geared to a MUCH smaller niche audience. Creative people only. Think of it as ThinkGeek for Creative Directors.

It's an experiment, and we're all excited and curious as to what it can become. We'll see....

Anonymous said...

is that $100 for artwork and all copyrights too? or would you do like, $1 per shirt sold or something like that, so we can keep the rights to it?

darryl ohrt said...

That's a really good idea - to pay a small fee per shirt sold.

Right now, we're figuring that we'd need to sell five shirts for each design, for it to break even (in hard costs). We have no idea what to expect for actual sales on shirts - and whether five shirts will be easy or nearly impossible.

Paying per shirt is better for everyone involved monetarily - but a bit cumbersome on our side right now, for tracking/administration.

I think we'll keep to the $100 for now, and see what the response is.

If we could pay a commission longer term, that would be awesome for everyone. Let's revisit in 3 - 6 months.

This whole idea is just an experiment for us - and we're hoping that it could eventually become a cool place for creative people to buy unique gear.

On copyright - we'll discuss that here. Kind of embarassed that we haven't discussed that yet. Perhaps a copyleft/creative commons approach would work - where both parties retain rights. I'll post an update after we figure that out.

darryl ohrt said...

Actually - I'm an idiot. My math is all wrong. Proof creatives can't handle even simple math.

Our break even point on each shirt is 23 pieces. We'll be making about $5/shirt. So we'd need to sell at least 23 shirts to pay back the hard costs of $100 design fee. Jeez. My head hurts.

Anonymous said...

I can't do simple math either. I'm an art historian.

Anonymous said...

how long would it take for you to make a decision on whether or not you are going to use a design?

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