starbucks experiences dm that's too successful

While Smirnoff drinks high tea in celebration of their viral success, Starbucks pulls back on theirs. A recent email campaign was a little bit too successful.

Originally distributed to a limited group of Starbucks partners and employees in Atlanta, the email asked recipients to forward to friends and family. Then it went out of control, and was sent to recipients from coast to coast.

Ummm - what were their expectations?? Did they not go through the "best case - worst case" scenarios prior to launching? If they figured that a free Grande beverage was a worthwhile investment to get customers in the door in Atlanta, then why wouldn't it be nationwide? Did they forget that email crosses borders? Did they forget that we like coffee? Poor, poor, planning.

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Sophzilla said...

Places around here won't accept the coupon. They tell you "it got out of hand so we aren't accepting the coupons." Nice. What did they expect? It was sent out on e-mail after all!

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