some cool stuff about small town america

Second day of shooting in Park Falls, Wisconsin.

We've only been in this town a day and a half - and we can already wave and say hi to people wherever we go. I actually had a conversation at the gas pump with someone I "knew" this afternoon. 36 hours, and I think I've met 1/3 of the town.

Today we entered several companies, and began shooting photographs - without a gatekeeper experience. No receptionists, no security folk. Everyone's happy to know yah. An unguarded friendliness that's kind of refreshing.

Three beers cost less than $6. I bought a round of drinks for the whole Park Falls men's night bowling team for $13, including tip.

I'm starting to like the way people say "aboot." I'm going to rent Fargo again, as soon as I get home.

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Anonymous said...

Darryl, great summary aboot the way people in rural Wisconsin speak.. We were up there taking "foetoes" for a week the week before last.. Great part of the country, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did...


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