nextfest wrapup

Just got back from NextFest. Wow. So much great creative inspiration. Many of the really cool technology developments and inventions that you've read about in Wired over the last few months were on hand to touch, experience and play with.

Since the technology and gadget blogs will do a far better job of covering the technology side - I figured I'd share some photos and possibilities from the creative side. Some of the cool stuff featured:

Video projected onto steam: I can see this used just about anywhere - including retail, trade show, and POP uses. Seemed fairly simple, yet had really nice wow factor with the crowd. People wanted to touch it, because it didn't seem real.

Virtual hugging shirts: Virtually hug anyone, across the world, as long as they're wearing the other virtual hugging shirt. Not sure what advertising applications this has. Any ideas?

Video projected onto product: This was a slick production produced for Saturn. A projection about a car, on a car. Should be in every dealership across the nation.

Roto rider: You may have seen the infamous South Park episode that spoofs this vehicle. These look like fun, and got mad attention with the crowds. Would be awesome at a trade show, promotional or sampling event.

Automatic doorway: This was a little buggy, put people were waiting in line to experience it. Would be great in retail or trade show applications. Or our office.

Video window: Beautiful video projected onto glass. People could walk around it, 360 degrees. Great attention grabber.

Interactive video games: Really fun interactive video installations.

See a few more items on our Flickr page, under VIA field trips.

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