myspace. just for old people now.

According to this post over at Beyond Madison Avenue, 52% of the MySpace audience is now 35 or older. This is new information - but shouldn't be a surprise. MySpace seems to be following the track of any successful youth trend. Something becomes cool, gets absorbed by the masses, and then older people start doing it. And the original crowd that discovered what's cool moves on to something else.

The question is...what's something else?

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*IPHQ* said...

My personal thoughts on MySpace aside, I think that a lot of these numbers and statistics when it comes to an age demographic need to start being interpreted differently in the broadband era.

We've all heard it said a million times before that 40 is the new 30 and I think that as time goes by and technology continues to grow, that statement becomes more and more true.

I think that the key thing today is to not just look at the hard and fast numbers, i.e., 52% of MySpace users are over 35, but really educate brands on who their target consumer market really is. Is your target demographic today's definition of 35 years old, or the 35 of the 1980's?

Age has become a relative term and really shouldn't be the driving force behind brand decisions anymore, at least in my opinion. Why? Because the 30 year old who is typing this comment is a helluva lot different than the 30 year old that lives next door to me and has 3 kids. Instead of using age to define a demographic,though it will still be a piece of information that is certainly used, it's really becoming more and more about lifestyle than anything else.

This 30 year old has been using MySpace for years, but I also know 30 year olds who have never even heard of it before. And, I'd be willing to bet my hours on a VIA project that just because 52% of MySpace users are 35 or older that my 13 year old niece is going to stop using her most favoritest thing ever.

My .02.

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