how we stay fresh

We've created a couple of fun institutions at our agency to keep our creative heads fresh. Once a quarter, we close the office on a Friday, and do something fun. (Last month, we went deep sea fishing.) We call these staff development days.

Once monthly, we leave the office mid-afternoon, and do something equally fun for a couple of hours. The goal is to get everyone participating in something they've never (or rarely) done before. We call these creative explorations. Yesterday, we all went to the batting cages.

Always funny to see a bunch of designer-types in a sports situation. Most of us (except maybe Justus) grew up as the last person picked for sports teams. (OK, David did play hockey), but safe to say that there's no VIA softball team.

So you should see Giuli hold a bat. And the massive arms ("guns") on Justus don't really hit the ball that far. Slugger Dave seemed to get the most hits, and I believe Leigh giggled more than she swung at balls. Me? Safe to say that if I'm ever on your team - you might want to keep me in the outfield. Way, way, back in the outfield. Or on the bench, where I can safely utilize the stadium's wifi connection.

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