caribou coffee capitalizes on starbucks idiocy

Woohaa ha ha ha ha. I love it when upstarts trump the big guys. Yesterday, we posted about Starbucks' ridiculous position of being unable to support the success of their own campaign. Well, apparently, little guys Caribou Coffee (416 stores - not so little) can handle it just fine. They're honoring any of the Starbucks coupons from noon until closing on Sept 8. Smart and nimble. Lovin' it. From AdPulp.

1 comment:

*IPHQ* said...

Caribou Coffee rules. Plain and simple. Pretty much everything about them trumps Starbucks every day of the week. Caribou is a Minnesota based company and I would venture a guess and say that they are frequented more here than the Starbucks that is on every corner. Once you have had Caribou, you'll forget that Starbucks even exists.

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