bitching about pitching

Waaaaa. Waaaaa. Big agencies bitch about pitching, at the Association of National Advertisers' annual Agency Relations Forum at the Grand Hyatt. The whining was covered in detail by AdAge.

"We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on pitches where we would be better served if we took that money as agencies and went out and proactively pursued clients that we really want to work with," says Neil Powell, chief creative officer of Margeotes Fertitta Powell.

I know it's true - all of my friends at the bigger firms bitch non-stop about the pitch process. Nobody likes doing work for free. But somehow it's hard to be sympathetic to the bloated, highly-paid fat cats. Sorry.

Here's one of the times where it's great to be a small firm - where all of our work is fee based. And for the most part, quality firms at this level don't produce spec work. In the end, clients get a staff dedicated to their account - not someone pretending to be working on it, while they spend 80% of the day preparing a pitch for another account - which, is maybe proof that the whining is worthwhile...Whatever. Small agencies rock.

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