I said that I wasn't going to post anything about 9/11 - because I didn't have anything productive to say, that would make a difference - and I've personally been bothered by how mainstream media is treating the subject, and didn't want to participate in any way.

And I promised myself that last night, when I got home, I wouldn't watch the "news" specials. And then I discovered this video on Digg.

A Manhattan couple videotapes the entire event from their home on the 36th floor of a building 500 yards away. This has apparently never been released to the media before, and the couple decided that it was time for it to be seen. The footage is stunning, unedited, and of course depressing.

This is social media. For me, watching this piece was more moving, and more important than any network news special could ever be. Media for the people, from the people.

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