we need $20

At VIA, we encourage our staff to get involved with non-profit work, and donate time, energy and resources to causes that we believe in.

One of the causes that I do some volunteer work for is Americares. Specifically, their Free Clinics division - which provides free health care to those in need. If you look around you, the people who are supporting your neighborhood are many times not supported by their employers with basic necessities like health care. Americare's Free Clinics helps these people.

There's a fundraiser in CT on October 1, and we're selling advance tickets to benefit these clinics (let me know if you want tix). This is sooo local - it won't hit home for many of you - but trust me, these are wonderful people doing outstanding work for the neighbors around us. And I'm sure there are people in your neighborhood doing the same.

If I could persuade just a small percentage of BrandFlakes readers to donate $20 - we could make a world of difference. This isn't some bloated organization where only 2% of your money goes to the cause. $20 would make a real, measurable difference. That's the price of just two good martinis in New York, Miami or Las Vegas. Well, maybe just one martini, in New York.

If you think you could spare $20 (more welcome), please give! Thanks in advance.

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