testing basecamp

We started a company-wide test of Basecamp, the web2.0 web-based project management solution. So far, it feels incredibly robust, and a little bit overwhelming. We're running all projects from the application this week - and will decide on Monday whether or not to continue, or return to our old proprietary system.

Like many agencies, in addition to our in-house team, we rely on several external team members who participate in projects from across the country. I believe Basecamp will help us communicate with these team members even more efficiently, and make them an even tighter part of the team. I think I just said "team" too many times.

If all goes well, we'll invite our clients to participate, and provide more information than they could ever care to know about their projects.

If you work in a firm that's using (or used) Basecamp and have stories, tips or tricks to share, please do!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for trying Basecamp. We hope it works out for you. If you have any questions just let us know or check out the Basecamp Customer Forums: http://basecamphq.com/forum/

Sophzilla said...

Will you post an update on your test? We're looking at Basecamp as well. Nice to see unsolicited customer feedback! Thanks!

darryl ohrt said...

sophzilla -
we'll post a full update early next week - but so far, I'm a HUGE fan. We've migrated all of our current projects over, and have nothing but great things to say, after our first week's experience. I'll post many more details next week.

Anonymous said...

Did you try ActiveCollab (open source collaboration software along the lines of basecamp?

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