madden holiday is about football. and cross stitching.

To promote Madden NFL 2007, Freestyle Interactive just launched Maddenholiday microsite. Looks like a fun, and well designed piece with lots to explore.

It's about a football video game. I'll need Justus (the real man in our office) to chime in with an opinion on whether this rocks or not - as I'm completely clueless when it comes to team sports, or the Madden games. I'll instead spend time with the "create your own cross-stitch" game that they built into the site. From Adverblog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This site diffently rocks! I love the look and feel of the entire site. They did a great job branding Madden. Check out traditions in the "Maddvent Calendar" funny stuff!
Enough about the site I'm ready for some football! Next Tuesday I'll be in front of a television working on my Madden skills. Oh yeah, Darryl I need to take a personal day next Tuesday is that cool?

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