just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,

a tale of a fateful trip.....

This morning, we're closing our office and heading out to sea. We'll all be boarding the Sea Sprite, for a day of deep sea fishing. Should be the basis for quite a few stories - as at least half of our staff has never been fishing before. And - Giuli gets sea sick. She'll be sportin' the patch. I'm still shopping for a good sailor's hat, or a pirate eye patch.

There will be plenty of pirate talk and Love Boat jokes thrown around, at least until we completely annoy the crap out of the Captain and his crew.

If there are no blog posts on Monday, please send a search plane. Justus is big, and eats a lot - we'll never outlast him if we get stuck on a deserted island.


Anonymous said...

Have a good trip. Great blog. I just reviewed your blog for the v7n challenge.

darryl ohrt said...

Trapper - thanks for the good review. For those not familiar with the v7n challenge, it's a contest sponsored by Internet Marketing Blog, encouraging bloggers to link to blogs beyond the "a-list" of blogs. Right on. I'm a believer - and always on the prowl for new and engaging blogs. Thanks again, Trapper!

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