how to make your brand punk rock

I just wrote an article (with some super editing from Eliza) showing how punk rock culture relates to successful branding. Wilson Cleveland just posted it to Newsvine - so check it out!

In the article, I detail eight key tips on making your brand punk - highlighted here:

1. Target early adopters.
2. Make people stand up and take notice.
3. Support your fans.
4. Fan culture can make or break a band. Or a brand.
5. Never sell out or it's over.
6. Don't be a poser.
7. It's ok to be controversial.
8. Be the revolution.

More importantly, the piece features a pic of me and Iggy, snapped as I was in mid-sentence, so it looks like I don't have teeth. That's so punk.

Please read it, link to it, and vote for it!

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Anonymous said...

Love this, great post and article Darryl!


(just linked to it)

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