bloggers are like dj's

Wanna be a blogger? Think like a dj. I've often said that blogging reminds me of my dj days. As a dj, in a club (or sometimes on the radio) - you're responsible for knowing your crowd, selecting music, presenting music in an appropriate flow/program, and (perhaps) customizing music - for a small, niche audience. Sound familiar? Replace the word "music" with "content," and you've described the role of many a blogger.

As a dj, you know immediately if your work is a success, by the response on the dance floor. On a blog, you've got instant stats. DJ's typically specialize in a specific music format. Bloggers focus in their own area of expertise. The similarities are countless.

So, how happy was I to discover ChromaInc, where Dino Demopoulos posts ten tasks of a dj. Read carefully - because they all apply to blogging. And branding.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Darryl, for the shout.

Great job here, by the way, love the posts.

I have vowed to post more thoughts on DJ'ing and communications (you're right, branding and keeping a weblog are both similar). There are a lot more interesting and unexpected parallels.


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