you tube is so not over

This article in the Mercury News reminds me of teenagers arguing about bands "selling out." Of course, as soon as any cool band becomes popular, they get accused of selling out, and they're no longer cool with the kids who "discovered" them.

That's exactly what the Mercury News is suggesting with YouTube - and they're soooo wrong. In his article YouTube hits the big time in a short time, Mike Cassidy points out that YouTube is about to add advertising, is negotiating with the major networks - and now politicians are using it.

"The new TV is starting to look a little like the old TV," says Cassidy. WRONG. I can't upload a show to NBC. I can't watch Lost at 11pm on a Sunday, on ABC - or share it with friends. What makes YouTube great isn't just the content - but instead how the content is accepted and delivered. (It's the medium??) Yes, we'll have videos from politicians, and from the major networks. But we can choose to ignore them. Or to watch them on our own schedule. And they'll be no more important than the Blunty3000 clips - which, btw, would never make it to "the old TV."

I predict you'll start to see YouTube promoted like urls on the end of shows, on ads, promos, etc. YouTube IS the new network. And it's still cool.

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