why people don't watch tv anymore

Maybe there's nothing to watch. I was listening to the O&A radio show this morning making fun of news coverage. And they were sooo right. The story getting the most airtime in today's news? The middle east? Nope. Instead: A major heatwave strikes the northeast. "Here's some heat blastin' tips! Drink plenty of fluids..." Really? Wow. This is great new information.

We always find it funny in our office that stories we were reading/talking about a week or more ago in the blogosphere are just hitting the mainstream news now. Why? Don't news journalists have access to the blogosphere? Or do they really believe that people don't know to drink plenty of fluids in a heatwave?

Television news is lazy. Reports on "how to beat the heatwave" are lazy reporting. Or really poor marketing. Like our industry - they need to understand their audience, and provide a message worthy of their attention. And I refuse to believe that "drink plenty of fluids" qualifies here.

So - note to news programmers: Tell us something we don't already know. Give us a reason to watch.

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