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Here's what happened this week at the world's most amazing design and branding firm:

The Janet Jackson cover design contest that we produced delivered spectacularly for Janet. Not only did it generate some outstanding cover art, but marketing results as well. Average user visit was over 8 minutes - which means fans were listening to Janet's new single almost four times, each session. Traffic was massive. We're proud.

We received some pics of the package design we produced for the new Headblade Sport. It looks AWESOME, and we can't wait to see it in stores. As soon as we have approval from the folks at HeadBlade, we'll share pics.

We created a program for Protect the Pets that allows veterinarian clinics across the U.S. to become Protect the Pets member vets. This is a pretty cool concept in veterinarian medicine - and should begin the process of raising awareness about the Protect the Pets concept as well. Materials went to print this week, and should launch soon.

Half day Friday - and a nice summer day. Everyone's heading out for fun.

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