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Here's what happened this week at the world's coolest design and branding firm:

We launched Janet Jackson: Design Me. The first ever CD cover design contest for Janet Jackson fans. Huge response. Already thousands of covers have been submitted, and the blogosphere is blogging about it. It's cracking the most blogged about charts. There's even some pretty funny entries. Janet picked some totally awesome photos - some never available before, and now fans are having a lot of fun with them.

David also started a new project this week - website design for ima robot, a band that's totally appreciated in our office.

Giuli's experimenting with some new web-based project management tools, that will bring our project management system to a whole new level. We've created our current system from scratch, after many years of development, we haven't found any off the shelf product that can beat it. Giuli's on the case, and I think our new system is going to be pretty awesome.

Leigh produced some banners for KT Tunstall, which will be running on Alloy very soon. She also put the finishing touches to a brand awareness campaign for ProtectThePets, which should be kicking in within the next few weeks.

Justus finished concepts for lots of work this week, including projects for a pharmaceutical company, an intellectual property company and some other stuff that I can't exactly recall this very moment.

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