myspace most visited site on the net

Myspace has now surpassed Yahoo! Mail as the most visited domain on the Internet for US Internet users. The HitWise chart above shows Myspace traffic in comparison to Google. Any questions?

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*IPHQ* said...

Yeah, I have a question: when's the MySpace backlash going to start. I mean, I understand what a brilliant idea it is and what a wonderful tool it has become for anybody from your local garage band to Hollywood blockbuster films, but with the MySpace traffic being so high these days, at some point they are going to have to fix the infrastructure that it operates on.

MySpace is competely programmed in ColdFusion, a program that isn't meant to handle the amount of data that MySpace has. It's just too darn big. This is evidenced by how hard it can be to log on to the site at times. Pages never completely loading, songs on artist pages never streaming through because the bottleneck is just too darn skinny for anything to fit through half the time. One of these days, they're gonna have to do something.

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