motorola launches wiki for q

My phone contract just recently ended, and I passed on using my "new phone credit" toward the purchase of a new Q. I went with the Razr, because it fits into the front pocket of my jeans better. Boy, am I sorry. Every day I run into someone else with a Q, and everyone loves it. But this isn't about me...

Motorola just launched a wiki for their Q users. This is such a great idea, I can't put it into words. A device like the Q has unlimited possibilities - and there will surely be new hacks, tips and tricks developed by users over the next few months. Which would make a paper user guide outdated before it was even printed.

Motorola will create fans, and develop new users (and uses) - all because they they allowed their customers to participate in the discussion - and to be a community. Go, go Moto. Anyone want to buy a slightly used Razr? From Jaffe Juice.

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