give this guy a tv deal

Good friend Per points us to Jeremy Klein's site. (NSFW - lots of swear words in really big type that your boss could read from across the office) It's really funny, and I already spent too much time there.

Jeremy single-handedly takes on many of the things that annoy all of us. With his phone cam. Like people who change diapers only two feet away from your restaurant table, or those people at Costco who ask for the receipt for stuff you've already paid for, or the people who get a little too relaxed at Barnes & Noble.

This is sooo ripe for a show, or a segment on someone else's show. He should have a segment on Saturday Night Live - and represent the west coast. Totally obnoxious, absolutely funny.

Jeremy - add comments to your site. Your fans will participate, and make this even better. And - let people subscribe. This is the perfect example of vidcast content that's replacing television.

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