geek girls get hot

In an effort to promote IT careers for girls and women, an Aussie group has produced a calendar of sexy IT women. When asked if the images possibly encourage stereotypes of women as sex objects, organizer Sonja Bernhardt replies:

Sex is a fact of reality that most people actually approve of! But sensual images can only encourage stereotypes if people think that women can be viewed as either thinking beings or sexual beings, not both - and that is exactly the kind of thinking that needs ending.

Absolutely. (But of course, I'm just a guy.) Ms. Bernhardt however, is the founder of Women in Technology Queensland, and co-founder of Australian Women in IT and is the only Australian to have been inducted into Women in Technology International's hall of fame. 100% of the profits go to associations that promote projects and activities aimed at encouraging an increased uptake of technology studies and careers.

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Anonymous said...

This brings to mind my favorite local license plate:


On a beater car driven either by an unattractive woman with very high self esteem (as in it-girl) or a very computer-savvy chic who watches no MTV (as in I.T. girl)

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