this week at via

Here's what happened this week at the world's most non-dull design and branding firm:

We started work on a very cool promotion for Janet Jackson. It's going to be talked about everywhere, and seen by everyone. We're really excited, and can't wait to show you. Saw some gorgeous Janet photography, in the process.

Giuli's been here for two weeks now, and hasn't kicked anyone in the shins yet. We think that's a good sign.

We took on a couple of new clients this week - including a construction company, that builds the most jaw-dropping homes in some of the most affluent neighborhoods in America.

We're talking about maybe planning a VIA spelunking trip.

Finally, the founder of our favorite law firm spent a few days in the hospital earlier this week. He swears his ailment was brought on by the stress of not being featured on BrandFlakes. Texting from his hospital bed: "I keep hearing about how excited you are about branding dog food. And what's this crap about you pretending to actually have a social conscious and being enamored about your new Adoption Foundation client? If you (BrandFlakes) had been focusing on truly important people like me, and my tireless work of resdistributing wealth in this country...then you would be doing something other than just playing on your rooftop and eating frozen organic pizzas..." Redistributing wealth. Hehe. To which we reply - "Don't be a hater."

In his honor, we've included his photo above, instead of a saucy Janet Jackson photo. We're feeling the love.


Anonymous said...

Don't think this makes it any better. Well, maybe a little.


Anonymous said...

can you look anymore uncool in that pic... i mean, cool promotion, yay...

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