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Here's what happened this week at the world's hottest design and branding firm:

Leigh and Kevin returned from their appendix and heart hospital adventures. Still can't believe we had two employees in the hospital at the same time. Both are doing great, and getting on each other's nerves.

My article ran in DM News. It's about microsites for people in the B2B sector.

Yesterday, we received our first "BreakRules" t-shirt samples. They look awesome. We'll have them available for all, real soon.

We launched a microsite for a plastics joinery business. (Maybe they read my article!) Proof that not everything's action sports and entertainment around here.

Today our summer hours officially kick in. We close at 2pm on Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor day. Of course it's going to rain all day. That wouldn't be happening, if our office was in Santa Monica.

Today is Kevin's last full time day! We'll be missing him much - so we're sending him off with a few drinks, as soon as the 2pm work whistle blows.

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Whoever said...

Dude! How do I get an awesome t-shirt? Those look awesome! Really, awesome. Did I mention awesome? I'm just a big fan of you guys even though I don't know you, and it is all because of your AWESOME blog. And awesome t-shirt.

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