pepsi cool, pepsi cruel.

All in one day. AdJab via Adverbox reports on cool new outdoor Pepsi ads, where users can plug their headphone jacks into the ad, and listen to samples of songs that they can download at Pepsiaccess. Cool. Unique. Fun. (Although I have to agree, it wouldn't work in NY)

Meanwhile, for the same campaign, BBDO Canada seeded peer to peer sites like Acquisition and Kazaa with MP3s that appear to be tracks from major artists. Except when the user downloads the song, they get an ad for the promotion. This is stupid. Tricking your potential customers into listening to an ad when they believe they're getting something else, will only leave them pissed at that brand, and feeling duped.

This reminds me of a story that the President of a record label once told me. He indicated that they purposely put tracks of their artists on peer to peer sites, but recorded versions of the songs with car horns, sirens, and other noise, which would essentially ruin the song. This was done to DISCOURAGE users from utilizing peer to peer, and instead purchase the legal version of the song, the legitimate product. Hilarious. Funny. Effective - to DISCOURAGE file sharing. So what's Pepsi doing?

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