leigh got married

For those of you that follow (or care) about our office gossip, Leigh got married this weekend. The wedding was wonderful, Leigh was beautiful, blah blah blah. That's the girly stuff. Here's the dirt:

Kevin was the messiest eater of the VIA staff in attendance. Evidence is here. It's a good thing he's officially left the company - because now we can clean up our image.

David was forced to the dance floor, thanks to some meddling by Leigh's new husband and a band/crowd chant. Truth be told, they pushed me onto the floor too.

This may be the last blurry photo of Justus and his wife Tricia together, as I noted that Justus was putting some funky moves on Leigh's mom, while on the dance floor. I think she enjoyed it. Tricia was quick to attach herself to Leigh's dad. That's the effect of a good Rick James song. What happens on the dance floor, stays on the dance floor gets reported here.

Leigh would be horrified that we're publishing photos already - but she's off on her honeymoon, doing things that you do on a honeymoon (tour Alaska, of course).

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