guinness and evolution

This outstanding ad for Guinness is winning all kinds of awards, and getting loads of well-deserved attention in our industry. (Also check out the making of the spot.)

Figuring that everyone's already seen it, I hadn't posted anything on it. And then Eliza sent me this post on Shakespeare's Sister, who points out:

These adverts, of course, only run in Britain, where things like evolution—and Guinness being a fundamental part of life—aren’t up for debate.

Is there anything more pathetic than the thought that this commercial, if run in the States, would probably elicit a boycott care of the fundies, but the beer ad I saw last night in which a woman "hustles" free drinks for her brother and his mate using her feminine wiles against stupidly horny men, doesn't even raise most eyebrows?

Sadly, I believe she's right.

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