geek squad rocks

Long story that involves a lightning strike and some home network issues - but the short version is that I used the Geek Squad service yesterday.

Major props for total brand immersion. They've established a brand, and carried it out as far as physically possible. You've of course seen the cars around town, and the geeks in skinny ties - all of which is very cool. But when I called Geek Squad (800-geek-squad), to make an appointment (that's right, a bona fide appointment,) their voice system was actually entertaining (try it!). I can't remember the last time I called a customer service line that didn't leave me frustrated. This was really enjoyable.

And it didn't end there. My geek John (who knows Macs!), showed up on time. I've become accustomed to - almost expect - service people who bitch about their jobs or their employers. Not John. He enjoyed his job. He said great things about Geek Squad. Was even excited about their future growth plans. More importantly, he solved my problem in minutes - and even had necessary parts in the Geek Squad car. The transaction was all taken care of using their web-based system. Even the notes on my receipt are written in Geek Squad style. And John left his email address. Not "". But HIS email address.

The website, the phone system, the car, the people, the business card, the collateral - all singing the Geek Squad brand loud and clear. What a great customer and brand experience.

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