15 golden rules of blogging

Son of a Pitch is blogging from the WOMMA sessions this week, and has posted 15 golden rules of blogging, as presented by Mark Schiller, CEO of Electric Artists. Some good advice if you're thinking of starting that corporate blog:

1. Recognize that every client has a different set of business objectives - are you blogging to reach a specific niche or blogging to increase customer loyalty and boost sales?
2. Don't get hung up on results - document your process give your audience a peek behind the curtain of your company.

3. Don't force your employees to blog - passion can't be faked.

4. "Copywriter" does not equal "blogger" - the worst blogs are those that over-written.

5. Offer advice and recommendations to your readers - you are the expert after all.

6. Always strive to be best in class.

7. Avoid stealth blogs; character blogs are bad, too.

8. Share your plans with your lawyers and PR team - get them involved early.

9. Don't let your branding or advertising compete with your content.

10. Let your bloggers publish early - give them the scoop.

11. Update frequently - every day if possible.

12. Start conversations that encourage your readers to participate and come back for more.

13. Keep your content eclectic.

14. Make sure that your bloggers are prepared to respond to legal issues should they arise.

15. Be benevolent.

Justus, pictured above, says follow the rules, or he'll be giving you a beat-down.

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