we're hiring. brush up the resume.

Kevin's leaving VIA, to pursue a career in teaching. We'll let you know what school system he ends up in - so that you can have your kids removed in time.

Anyway - we need to replace him. So we were thinking of someone like this: Design & branding firm seeks lunatic capable of hitting jellybeans off the roof with a baseball bat. Must be good at animal sounds, off-color humor and own cool sneakers.

But then we came to our senses and figured we should look for this: Office management guru who's familiar with Excel, Access, and perhaps QuickBooks. Great candidates might also consider themselves a "technologist." Someone who loves the internet, can out-Google your friends, and is on top of everything interactive. Not a programmer, but an amateur internet pop culturist. You'll keep designers on task, pay our vendors, bill our clients, and keep everything organized. And stuff.

Our official job posting is here. Pay is crap (six figure salaries need not apply), but we have free health benefits, 401(k) and a pinball machine.

If you think you're a match, send your resume to me - (darryl AT viaworldwide.com.) And you might want to view the How Not to Interview movie that Adland posted on yesterday, done for Work Austin. Just in case you get to the interview stage.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, there's a WorkConnecticut, too!

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