"they call it a spot. we call it a stain."

That's what Wadard says about the Competitive Enterprise spot we posted about on Friday. Wadard comments on the post, and points to a script they've written over at Global Warming Watch for a counter-ad. They're seeking a production budget, to produce the spot. The script is fantastic:

Long shot opening on a shot of man standing in a large glass tank up to his ankles in water. Water is filling it fast, with the level rising as he speaks.

Presenter: "Some oil and coal companies tell us that carbon dioxide is natural and shouldn't be classified as a pollutant by politicians wanting to legislate against rising emissions.
The water level is at his waist and rising fast.

Presenter: "They imply C02 can't be a pollutant because we expel it, and it is absorbed by plants for food."
The water level is now at chest height and rising.

Presenter: "That it provides us with transport and is it is harnessed to make energy and free us a life of back-breaking labour."
Water level is starting to cover shoulders. Presenter stretches to full height.

Presenter: "That it supports all life."
Water level is at chin height.

Presenter: "But you can also say the same thing about water."
SFX: last few words spoken under water yet audible.
Camera pulls back to longer shot as the water continues to rise rapidly . Presenter starts to float off.

Carbon Dioxide: Too much is dangerous for life.

VO: Don't let big oil flood you with lies. The scientific consensus holds that the current rate of emissions increase, unchecked, IS going to change the climate. It's time to act.

While I would absolutely love for the above spot to be produced (if you can do that, please contact the people at Global Warming Watch), I believe that the Competitive Enterprise spot does more damage than good. The premise is so ridiculous, that when I happened upon it last week, I thought it was a hoax - produced by environmental activists, to make "big oil" look silly. It's not hoax, and the organization behind it believes in the message.

Regardless of your political or environmental beliefs here, the Competitive Enterprise spot sucks. It's so unbelievable - and so poorly produced - that it actually detracts from their cause. The Global Warming Watch spot featured above however, is outstanding creative that delivers a believable message. A case study in bad vs. good. Advertising, of course.

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Wadard said...

Thanks Darryl, much appreciated.

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