snapple takes over fm radio

Snapple has made a $2 million dollar deal with Boston radio station WFNX to be the sole sponsor of the station from Memorial Day to July 4. No other advertisers will be heard on WFNX or their two sister stations in Maine and New Hampshire during the period. I don't know how the CPM works out here - but given all of the press, attention, and promotion this is going to get, I'll bet it's a sweet deal.

Radio is a tired, ever-more-useless media. But here's a real creative idea that makes FNX unique in the marketplace - and in the industry - all while getting unprecedented exposure for Snapple. A winning situation for all. (Except maybe the sales people who don't work the Snapple account, in the WFNX sales office.)


Anonymous said...

I agree that this is a creative idea and that radio is tired, but when you say, "even-more-useless media," what are you comparing it to? TV?

darryl ohrt said...

Mostly, I'm just being a smart ass. But at the same time - with iPods, podcasts, satellite radio, and internet radio - there's very little reason to listen to traditional radio. Observe most teenagers today, and you'll see that radio IS NOT a part of their lives. I believe someone will revolutionize radio - and make it viable again. I don't profess to have a clue about what that might take, or when it will happen, but I do believe it will reinvent itself in some way. But then again...just wait until there's nationwide wifi and a computer in every car. THAT will kill radio.

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