oops. major snafu in 'this week at via' post

I don't know what happened - I'm pretty sure it's a virus or something.

But somehow, in crediting the super talented design work that was done in our shop on the redesign for RMI Direct Marketing, the fantabulous Flash work of Brent Meyer was left out.

This post is all about kissing Brent's ass so that he doesn't get all bent out of shape. Otherwise, we'll all be watching CNN this weekend, as Brent jumps off a bridge. He'd leave a note that said it was all my fault. So, please everyone comment on Brent's greatness. On his superior talents. And on his great looks. He's pictured above. Check out his sweet tats.


tally said...

Great Job Brent! We love the flashwork and the new web site!
Tally- RMI

*IPHQ* said...

Ha! Thanks, Tally! Much appreciated. It was fun to work on!

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