one thousand paintings

I hate it when someone else thinks of something absolutely brilliant. I just purchased the painting, pictured above. It's one of a thousand pieces of artwork that are being sold at One thousand There's a sliding scale of mathematics that determines the price of each painting. Much too complicated for any creative person to understand - but it's all pretty affordable.

Someone who is better at math than I am, can add it all up - and see that an artist in Switzerland is about to make a lot of money. Warhol is dancing in his grave right now. Parents - here's proof that a fine arts degree doesn't necessarily guarantee a life of waiting tables. Not that there's anything wrong with that. From BoingBoing.


Brian said...

Yeah, it's a brilliant idea. It reminds of the of the 2000 Bricks project, which is also starting to gain momentum.

Anonymous said...

Yah absolutely great. I think the part that makes it so wonderful is the feeling that each person is contributing to something greater and through that gains some individuality (in owning the numbered painting).

I posted a quick entry at my blog about onethousandpaintings and the times we live in.


Fancy Nancy

todddoubleu said...

Will be interested to see some these paintings end up on eBay after they sell all 1,000 out.

Anonymous said...

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