the lost experience

Lost fans - it's time to quit your jobs and spend all of your spare time getting to the bottom of Lost secrets. It's amazing to see the online component to the Lost empire. Not just the fan blogs and sites, but now there's reference to the fictitious Hanso Foundation in an ad for MI3 that ran during Lost. The foundation is mentioned, a phone number is given, and too much other stuff to keep track of. Secret passwords, easter eggs in the site...and the manuscript that one of the characters is reading is now a best selling book on Amazon. And the author's name is an anagram for purgatory. This is a deep, immersive marketing experience - and television brought to another level completely.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am french and very fond of the lost experience. If some other french people love the lost experience, here is a french blog with guid you step by step with some "screen captures". Sorry for my english

And god bless Lost

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