long live jack

This campaign almost makes me want to go out and get an orange tear tattoo under my eye. In honor of that bouncy Cingular guy - Jack - that AT&T's about to kill.

Well - AT&T being the slow moving behemoth that they are - hasn't put the brakes on the Cingular branding campaign. It's a good thing - because Laurie from BBDO just sent us the latest work, and it's wonderful.

At Cingular Source, users can submit videos of themselves lip syncing songs to Cingular's artist of the month. All to "heighten youth engagement of Cingular’s music platform." I usually hate these things - but was spending far too much time watching the videos that were submitted. Nicely done. This one's for you, Jack ;)


*IPHQ* said...

Quite possibly the most ridiculous part of the whole killing of Jack is that when AT&T bought Cingular a while ago, all AT&T cell phones (at least the ones in this area) shut off and turned themselves back on with the newly acquired Cingular logo, Jack and all. AT&T's logo is stupid. Plus, I like orange.

Whoever said...

I would be willing to bet my life (or my left testicle anyway) that all of those lip syncing videos are staged. Look again at the first 3 anyway, all EXACTLY the same video quality. Then I imagine they thought "oh man, people will catch on to the videos all looking the same" and got creative with the other 3 to make them look more like real videos.

Whoever said...
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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go so far to bet your left - what? I think this is an interesting concept - just wish they'd offer some prize money :) Then I'd get jiggy with it.

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