long live the cingular bouncy guy

We previously posted on how AT&T is going to kill off the Cingular bouncy guy. Jon Fredkove at Strategic Name Development points us to a continued discussion on the topic with some excellent points.

AT&T reportedly spent 4 billion (with a 'B') developing the brand. And they're estimating another 2 billion to bring it into the AT&T "deathstar" brand. Strategic Name Development points out that this is a logical thing to do.

On paper, I agree. One brand is easier to manage than multiple brands. But you also have to consider that we're talking about brands here. People who find affinity with the Cingular brand won't be so quick to make the switch just so that AT&T can be more efficient. Which means that at least some of those customers will move to other providers. Worth the investment, and brand risk? I'm not convinced yet.

I do agree with the SND crew on one point - AT&T could learn from the Sprint/Nextel merger - and perhaps there's an opportunity to combine elements in the new identity. And then just maybe, the bouncy guy could live on.

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Anonymous said...

Well don't like the bouncy guy anyway, besides I hope they bring back what AT&T corporate customers had before, buy 2 extra phones per year and it just adds months to your contract, plus free incoming text messaging & free early nights which starts @7pm. Cingular killed that when they ate AT&T. I'm still using the Blue side anyway, have not Migrated. With my account I only have to sign up for 1 year. But if I migrate, I will be forced to sign for 2 years and only 1 phone, so tell me if that is more beneficial for a customer. So, I hope it would change it back to the same benefits we had before. Don't care about the RollOVER, don't use up my minutes anyway.

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