leigh's appendix

This weekend, Leigh decided that it would be good for her to have an appendicitis. With complete disregard to our clients, her billable hours or her upcoming wedding. So we've decided that we should try and get her old appendix, and sell it. The monies raised could be used to offset lost hours, to hire someone to help her do wedding crap, or to buy a new appendix, should she want one.

We haven't called her fiancee yet, but we're pretty sure he'll go along with the plan. So - how much would you pay for Leigh's old appendix?


Anonymous said...

I'd pay $2.45 for that appendix.

Anonymous said...


Whoever said...

Leigh's appendix?! Are you kidding me?! I'd pay... well, shoot, I'd pay my appendix. Would you take mine in trade?

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