leigh the bridezilla

Leigh is getting married in about a month. If you spoke with her, she'd probably tell you exactly how many days, hours and minutes are left. Because that's how bridezillas roll.

So, what a pleasure to see Adfreak's post on comic videos for the bridezilla in your life. You can skip all the wedding stuff and go right to the meat, here and here. Awesome timing.

Related - Kevin, David, Justus and I believe that we should be able to go to the bachelorette party. Not to see naked men - but just to go out drinkin' with Leigh. Cmon' - we're practically like sisters to Leigh. Her lead bride's maid (what do they call those again? best woman?) won't have it. Leave your comments if you agree.


Leigh said...

1 month... 2 weeks... 1 day... That's from the countdown clock on my invitation website. :-P I do not consider myself a bridezilla... yet anyway... watch out! Grrrr....

CynthiaRimmer said...

Hasn't apple invented holographic strippers yet? You could probably sneak the overpriced-yet-really cool console into a bar unbeknownst to bridemaidzilla! - I have total faith that Apple will bring about the future in nanoporno technology...I don't dorkishly wear their logo on my purse for nothing.
- Cynthia

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