graffiti research lab & josh macphee at eyebeam

This weekend, I attended the Graffiti Research lab and Josh Macphee event at Eyebeam. Really impressive.

Josh Macphee, an artist and activist based in Troy, NY kicked off the event with a presentation on the history of stencil and street art. I had no idea that the first stencil art dates back 10,000 years BC. Some really cool photography and samples of art from past to present.

Josh was followed by a presentation with Evan Roth and James Powderly, of the Graffiti Research Lab. They showed awesome stuff - including how they made Night Writers.

Evan, pictured above, also shared some very innovative projects by his students at the Parson's New School for Design. In a class called Geek Graffiti. All were amazing - but one in particular has some pretty cool commercial possibilities. Student Vade (his tagger name) presented stickers that he created that were invisible - until you viewed them with Polarized sunglasses. He was inspired by the classic sci-fi film "They Live," one of my personal faves.

The event concluded as we all learned how to make LED throwies - in a hands on demonstration. If you aren't already on the Eyebeam email list, you should probably sign up. I'm constantly amazed at the quality events they offer - many times for free or a suggested donation. An excellent resource for anyone in design or new media development.

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