cinco de mayo agency promo

Another agency (with some sweet looking offices, btw), Sullivan Higdon & Sink, created a Cinco De Mayo game to celebrate the day. You can whack the crap out of the agency's mascot - a sheep. They must have detected that another agency was playing the game, and set it to "difficult" because I couldn't hit that freaking sheep once. I did whack a couple of agency staffers pretty good though.

We'd create a Cinco de Mayo self promotion, but we're too lazy. So instead, we'll shut down early today and begin drinking Mexican beer and Margaritas. Call us if you want to join in. From Adrants.


Anonymous said...

To our friends at Via:

You're welcome to drink in our offices anytime.

Enjoy the day.

The gang at SHS and American Copywriter

*IPHQ* said...

Call me when you're about to crack those drinks and I'll crack one at the same time. Mmmmm, beer.

Anonymous said...

Damnit, you guys hiring?

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